If you have a balance or want to pay for a copay for Lifespan Behavioral Health follow these instructions.

You must use the Google Chrome browser. No other browser will allow information to be entered completely.

When filling out your billing information, in the Company Name field on the form, please put the name of the patient being seen in case its different then the billing information.. This helps us make sure to match your payment with your patient record.

No Surprise Act- Informing Participants of Payment (Inform prospective clients and participants of financial arrangements concerning a service before providing the service).

  1. LSBH will adhere to the No Surprise Act and explain to participants what the Act entails in the Client Handbook that needs to be acknowledged by the participant prior to being scheduled for an appointment.
  2.  A good faith estimate will be given if the participant or responsible party asks for one, or when  you schedule an item or service. It will include expected charges for the primary item or service, and any other items or services provided as part of the same scheduled experience.
  3. LSBH recognizes in 2022 estimates are not required to include items and services provided to a participant by another provider or facility. In 2023 LSBH acknowledges it will be required to provide co-provider or co-facility cost information.