Mission Statement

Delivering empirically based mental health services, regardless of societally-created constraints, to meet each individual person where they are to help take them where they want to be.

Vision Statement

To create a safer culture, free of bias, which fosters transparency, values authenticity, and promotes everyone we come in contact with to have a voice which can affect change grounded in the belief that everyone and everything matters.

Values – STEPS

Safety – create an environment by being mindful of where individuals are internally to promote interactions that allow both personal and professional growth.

Togetherness – support a sense of community for all we come in contact with.

Empower – through education, encouragement and exploration engage everyone to be more than where they were before.

Perseverance – using a strength-based model, free of negativity to overcome obstacles through patience and persistency.

Success – to promote awareness that success is defined by individuals’ experiences, not by others’ expectations.